i made mah own mlp fandom, my little techie, dazzlings are magical, it starts when techno chrome, [me] enters the everfree forest with twilight sparkle, she needs to find zecora to deliver books, yada yada yada, the story of the blanks story... in part 3 (when i escape), i meet adagio dazzle, sonata dusk, aria blaze, twivine, and u know who, we meet (in part 4) a BIG thing we never should've done, we turned u know who and a monster (srry no pic, it's secret) into ponies. in part 5 we must cure them, in the s1 conclusion we find out we had fun all those days. on s2 begining, we encounter Discord, he, (like from the normal one) corrupts my friends, we stop him, cure them, we are safe, as s2 concludes, kissasheep marries big macintosh, kissasheep turns out to be a Changeling Fluttershy, who almost wins, but big mac falls under her spell, and gets cured in the end. at s3 begining the crystal empire is in danger by Queen Trixie, we defeat her (there is a catchy song in it). in the conclusion, i accidently switch my friend's destinies, during my freakout a song is on. then i cry and sing a song about my sadness. it's sad, so i find a way, i save u know who and so on. then i make a spell and turn into an alicorn/princess, on s4 i get used to being a princess. the everfree forest gets invaded, discord is responsible for it, we sacrifice the elements of harmony, as s4 goes on we get things like a mic (for adgaio) a guitar (for aria) a taco (for sonata) a lockette, (for u know who) and the alicorn amulet (for me) at the s4 conclusion nightmare rarity steals earth pony power, pegasi power, and unicorn magic. but with those items, we get keys, with rainbow power, (really) we stop nightmare rarity and make a kingdom. here are some pics for fun. 
FANMADE Pizza Tacos for ponies meme


Dazzlings strutting onto ampitheater stage EG2


Sonata Dusk "it's Taco Tuesday!" EG2

Tacos are Awesome!!


just 4 fun

FANMADE Pony Sonata Dusk

still and always will be, adorkable

Gumball Watterson lol wut

LOL. That was so stupid of me.

FANMADE-Scootaloo Squee


Antique chicken trader with antique chicken S4E22

scootaloo statue

FANMADE Fluttershy Kindness

a tree

Sweet Apple Acres trees free of apples S1E04


FANMADE Rarity being fabulous

lol wut

FANMADE Aria Pony With Socks


Comic issue 5 Maybelle


FANMADE ur so jelly cuz i'm so kewl!


FANMADE Crazy Pinkamena


Gumball Watterson lol wut


FANMADE Slenderpony potentially watching the Mane 6

wat dat

Pipsqueak and foal looking at scary face S2E04


FANMADE vector dark blue book

mr. book

FANMADE Spike "You See That Post Up There?" macro

awesome as it wanna be