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    Ask Sarah- Intro

    August 6, 2013 by Temmington

    Hullo Wikia! Haven't made a blog in a while, but I figured I should change that. I might as well get into the blogging scene seeing as it is so popular. So I've been thinking that maybe you all would like to get to know me a little better. That's where I've been thinking and I decided to create this, basically every other two weeks I'll put up stuff like this where you all ask me questions that I'll answer. I want to be a little more known around here and reveal maybe some stuff about my history on the Wikia or personal life. So, please ask any questions you may have about me or the Wikia and I'll pick the best to go in next episode... which might be around the 12th maybe? We'll see.


    Only five questions per user per post.

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  • Temmington

    POLL: What do you think the mane antagonist of Season 3 be like?

    Do you even think there will be one?

    Male or female?

    What do you think his/her personality will be like?

    Why would he/she be evil?

    What do you think will defeat them?

    Do you think it will be a previous antagonist returning?

    I would like to know your opinions down in the comment section.

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