[WIP] Not sure if it's a good idea to post it here as a blog... I just need a lot of people so I could get their opinion to this as the other wikis don't have much, letting me worry about how it'll go in the final release.

I've been working on this for about 20-21 days now. This idea sparked to my mind after my attempts on porting them as playermodels, which turned out to be horrible.

They are a pack of "Waifu Miniguns" that replaces EVERY Miniguns in existence (while keeping the default's cosmetics). I just need to make sure if the pack is good enough for you guys.


Pinkie Pie is excluded though, she has the "Flipping the Bird" gesture. But she has surprises.

They are collapsed to prevent confusion.

FANMADE Loadout View



First-Person action



First-Person action

Rainbow Dash


First-Person action



First-Person action

Sunset Shimmer


FANMADE SS Minigun Taunt Demo

First-Person action

FANMADE SS Minigun FP Demo

Twilight Sparkle


FANMADE TS Minigun Taunt Demo

First-Person action

FANMADE TS Minigun FP Demo

The legs are the only option to get the best handle. Using their Arms or Hair will make them unusually long, making it worse.


  • Botkiller support
  • Australiumized certain outfit parts for Stock Minigun and Tomislav (Skin 3-4 and 8-10)
  • AJ's Hat as the Natascha Belt (Minigun and Natascha share the same model)
  • Optimized Textures and Mesh
  • Jigglehair (Jiggledress will be added after jspzyhl finishes it to save time)
  • Killstreak Sheens support
  • Pinkie

Unfinished contents

  1. Level of Detail
  2. AJ's Hat as the Natascha Belt


  • As shown in the GIFs, their hair (TS, RR and FS) and left shoes clips to Heavy's hand in the handle part. (FIXED)
  • Everyone's left leg clips through heavy's body when taunting.


However, they are abnormally detailed. So they will have 8 LODs that removes their cosmetics as well as few outfit parts (e.g. Shoelaces and Eyelashes) and reduces the Tris starting from 50%-5% for better performance whenever they're overused.

EDIT: In case if you're thinking, each of the models' parts are split into 7 bodygroups to keep the polycount and optimize easier, which is the reason why they were compiled successfully in the first place.

  1. Twilight Sparkle: 59,291 Tris, isn't it nice?
  2. Sunset Shimmer: 59,741 Tris
  3. Rarity: 74,303 Tris
  4. Rainbow Dash: 74,300 Tris
  5. Pinkie Pie: 93,786 Tris, I'm not kidding.
  6. Fluttershy: 61,914 Tris
  7. Applejack: 71,271 Tris

However, they are still WIP. Some of what they have may be changed in the final release. I will ask permission from CreatorOfPony (Modelling and Rigging) and jspzyhl (Porting to source) BEFORE I release this in public. I'm also not used to getting permission stuffs too. :|