Harmony in MLP Wikia is official dead.

The Candlekeeper, Crystal blue 100. I know we can not hurt anyone of you so this blog may be the only thing I can do.

You wanted people to start hating ponies - you have done it. "Like or dislike" topics are old and boring. Hurt or heal is now number one trend. Now we see the real amount of haters.

Yes, haters. Because healing is boring. Hurting on the other side is much more fun. "Dislike" is not enough. Hurt is the answer. Even if noone or nopony will be actually get wounded. When people know then can virtually "hurt" somepony they will go beyond any limits of love and caring.

Next thing we will see is the people forming groups based on hurt/heal posts and nott helping anyone who has hurt their favotite pony. The game might be taken too seriously. Why should you help someone when he, even virtually, has injured a pony you like. He hurted her.

You should be happy. Your blogs will have the most views.

Why care about friendship? What is this?