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  • Thatlaughingmare

    Chapter 6:

    July 30, 2014 by Thatlaughingmare

    (Well here's Chapter 6. Having trouble with titles. XD Any suggestions? Comment below!)

    Pinkie Pie sighed. What's the matter? You realized that friendship is completely useless? Big deal. Now you're turning into your egg-head friend, who worries about TESTS and friendships that are none of her business, Twilight Sparkle? Pfft, please! And you also realized that laughing is the second most stupidest thing unless it's and evil one? Nightmare Moon inquired, then giving an evil laugh. Pinkie Pie then gasped. What now? Having a heart attack? Nightmare asked, rudely. No, si-..I mean..royal..uh..highness.. Pinkie said, just now bowing down. WHAT?! This should have been over five minutes ago!

    Sorry, but I am just realizing something..

    Wouldn't that be your fir…

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  • Thatlaughingmare

    Luna flew around viewing her dark and jeweled skies, until a pony from below screamed her [older] name in a squeaky voice. It had startled her at first. She looked down at who it was which had appeared to be--Pinkie Pie! Nightmare Moon narrowed her eyes. She couldn't help but ask, what is it, you annoying freak? Look, I have a beautiful sky to enjoy, so make it fast or I'll banish you to a dungeon in the Everfree Forest! Pinkie Pie laughed thinking it was a joke.Oh, don't be silly! You probably just need new friends since you haven't had any since Nightmare Night! she exclaimed. Nightmare Moon growled.

    C'mon, I know you need some because friendship is magic!

    You mean tragic. FRIENDSHIP IS TRAGIC!

    Nope! Just because I'm a party pony with a brain …

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  • Thatlaughingmare

    ( Well, thanks to silly me, this mistake is now present for all of my blogs. Just remember this if you're reading: read from lowest then start reading the recent chapters up last. )

    As Celestia recovered, she flew up to Nightmare Moon. I'm sorry, sister. But you'll be sent to the moon before you hurt any one of my subjects! Nightmare Moon laughed. Oh, how silly! I don't know if I should even be scared! Celestia sighed then flew back down. I can't believe I'm this could I? But this time..I shall make it last. Everypony shall learn the enjoyment in night!! Nightmare thought to herself. She laughed once more, then said aloud, Yes, the fun shall be doubled..

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  • Thatlaughingmare

    ( well sorry if Chapter 3 appears before the other two. Just read the two below first. I still don't know everything on here XD)

      Luna, stop with the roleplay! Princess Celetsia whispered to Luna, frustratedly. ROLEPLAY?! 'TIS A LIE! Luna argued, using the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. Celestia sighed then walked back up to the edge. I am very sorry about what is happening at this moment. May I ask of you all to leave at this moment? Again, sorry that the event was cut short! she said to the audience. The ponies were furious, but they got over it. Luna, what were you thinking?! Were you trying to make me look like a fool? Celestia asked. Luna closed her eyes ignorantly. Then so sudden, they opened. Inside...held her own nightmare. Luna spre…

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  • Thatlaughingmare


    July 28, 2014 by Thatlaughingmare

    So, everypony, I'm working on a little Fanfic.. I haven't really came up with a good title yet though. Anyways, I guess here are the first two chapters.. please don't judge /).(\

    Princess Luna watched carefully over her beautiful night through the telescope, making sure there were no threats upon Equestria, while her sister, Princess Celestia, slept peacefully so she would be ready to take on her day. Luna sighed at the fact that nopony was awake to cherish her night skies, but instead waited to cherished her sister's sunny skies. Stay strong, Luna. Transforming into Nightmare Moon did you no better...but worse, including I'll be banished for 1,000 years again, and when I return, everypony shall dislike me even more, she whispered. But there m…

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