( well sorry if Chapter 3 appears before the other two. Just read the two below first. I still don't know everything on here XD)

  Luna, stop with the roleplay! Princess Celetsia whispered to Luna, frustratedly. ROLEPLAY?! 'TIS A LIE! Luna argued, using the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. Celestia sighed then walked back up to the edge. I am very sorry about what is happening at this moment. May I ask of you all to leave at this moment? Again, sorry that the event was cut short! she said to the audience. The ponies were furious, but they got over it. Luna, what were you thinking?! Were you trying to make me look like a fool? Celestia asked. Luna closed her eyes ignorantly. Then so sudden, they opened. Inside...held her own nightmare. Luna spread her wings out, flying toward the sun. She had her back toward the sun and her front toward her sister. I'm sorry sister, but we all need to do what we are told to..and the moonlight told me to do this..once more, she proclaimed. No, you shall not prevail with this. Celestia responded, flying up in front of Luna. Luna then shot magic at Celestia, which she was not prepared for, so she fell to the ground. That was easy.. Luna whispered. She turned in the opposite direction, facing the sun. She looked down. Carefully, she used her magic to raise the moon over the sun.The skies filled with darkness, as so did Luna's heart. The darkest of the moon's 'rays' shot down at Luna, rapping her in a fire ball. The flame soon faded, and her own personal nightmare had began once again. She looked at the moon and then down to her injured sister. She gave an evil laugh.