(Well here's Chapter 6. Having trouble with titles. XD Any suggestions? Comment below!)

Pinkie Pie sighed. What's the matter? You realized that friendship is completely useless? Big deal. Now you're turning into your egg-head friend, who worries about TESTS and friendships that are none of her business, Twilight Sparkle? Pfft, please! And you also realized that laughing is the second most stupidest thing unless it's and evil one? Nightmare Moon inquired, then giving an evil laugh. Pinkie Pie then gasped. What now? Having a heart attack? Nightmare asked, rudely. No, si-..I mean..royal..uh..highness.. Pinkie said, just now bowing down. WHAT?! This should have been over five minutes ago!

Sorry, but I am just realizing something..

Wouldn't that be your first realization..

I thought you were..........L-Luna...My mistake..

Nightmare Moon laughed again, planning on saying something until Pinkie Pie interrupted. 

I thought laughing was stupid unless it was evil?

Nightmare rolled her eyes then continued, I was Luna, of course, but it 'tis just too much to ask from these pathetic ponies to enjoy my beautiful night. Don't blame yourself kid, you're pretty weird.