So, everypony, I'm working on a little Fanfic.. I haven't really came up with a good title yet though. Anyways, I guess here are the first two chapters.. please don't judge /).(\

Princess Luna watched carefully over her beautiful night through the telescope, making sure there were no threats upon Equestria, while her sister, Princess Celestia, slept peacefully so she would be ready to take on her day. Luna sighed at the fact that nopony was awake to cherish her night skies, but instead waited to cherished her sister's sunny skies. Stay strong, Luna. Transforming into Nightmare Moon did you no better...but worse, including I'll be banished for 1,000 years again, and when I return, everypony shall dislike me even more, she whispered. But there must be a better solution..

As the morning began, Luna, before heading off to rest, had visted Celestia, who stood over Canterlot on a ledge to begin her duties with a speech, as ponies gathered below. As they finally settled, Celestia began. Citizens of Equestria, I am so pleased that you have risked your time to come to this special event! But before-.. she was saying until Luna interrupted and walked up to the edge of the ledge. But before anything begins...thou all need to learn to show me some respect for thy night! Showing no love for my night is like saying there is no love for me! And it 'tis really pathetic, like all of thou!.... Luna paused for a moment while Celestia started talking again, but only whispering to her. Luna, what are you doing?   I am showing them that there is not place like...NIGHTTIME! Luna replied.  ' Luna, just quit with this behavior. This is serious.   Luna grew angrier.   How can a celebration be serious?! Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you have a brain as simple as that pink party kid..uh what's the name...Pinkie Pie!