So, I've decided to start marathoning the show again while we wait for Season 5. I just got done with the first Season, so I've decided to make my personal rankings for the episodes from my favorite to my least favorite. And yes, I will be doing this for every other season as well.

Keep in mind, these are MY opinions. If you disagree with any of these, that's perfectly fine, just don't call me a moron for not liking an episode you liked and vice versa. Also, if you rank the episodes differently from mine, feel free to post a comment with your rankings.

With that being said, Let's get started.

1. Sonic Rainboom

2. Party of One

3. A Dog and Pony Show

4. Fall Weather Friends

5. Suited for Success

6. Swarm of the Century

7. The Best Night Ever

8. The Cutie Mark Chronicles

9. Winter Wrap Up

10. Dragonshy

11. Griffon the Brush-Off (EHAN will love this...)

12. Green Isn't Your Color

13. Call of the Cutie

14. Applebuck Season

15. Over A Barrel

16. Friendship is Magic

17. Stare Master

18. Feeling Pinkie Keen

19. The Ticket Master

20. Bridle Gossip

21. Owl's Well That Ends Well

22. Look Before You Sleep

23. The Show Stoppers

24. A Bird in the Hoof

25. Boast Busters