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  • TheBluParchment

    This blog is dedicated to a similar one I encountered a while back. Here's a group of terrible OC designs I found through bad luck. Please note that this isn't a personal attack against people who prefer certain colour choices.

    This blog is also a memorial to all of the unfortunate pony souls that were unlucky enough to have these bodies and characters. If you please...a moment of silence... :(

    Listen to this while reading, it helps with the trauma:

    The only thing that needs destroying is that haircut. It's a crime against fashion and needs to be condemned. I like the shoes though...

    Jake is a Pegasus prince who was banished to Tartarus by Celestia for killing Twilight. His favourite hobbies are dark…

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  • TheBluParchment

    My personal list from best to worst:

    The Saddle Row Review

    No Second Prances

    Guantlet of Fire

    The Gift of Maud Pie

    Spice Up Your Life

    Newbie Dash

    A Hearth's Warming Tail

    On Your Marks

    Flutter Brutter

    The Crystalling

    Applejack's "Day" Off

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  • TheBluParchment

    There's been much debate lately after The Crystalling as to whether or not Celestia and Luna were born Alicorns or became them through magical means.

    Celestia stated clearly that the birth of Flurry Heart, an Alicorn is something that:

    "Equestria has never seen before."

    Many fans have assumed she most likely means to say that herself and Luna predate Equestria, which would naturally fit the whole thing together. And it would have if the next line didn't take it all apart again. Luna clearly says:

    "It is beyond even our understanding."

    Now we'll think about that for a second. Celestia stated that Equestria hasn't experienced an Alicorn birth before, then Luna states that (in the context of the discussion) that the birth of an Alicorn is "beyond" e…

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  • TheBluParchment

    Now that Rarity and Pinkie Pie are getting some needed screentime together next week, it made me think. What other characters also really require some longer focus to play off of each other? Comics don't count.

    Here's a list of who and why:

    Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are voiced by the same person, so I can certainly see why it would be more stress on everyone to create a whole episode of just one actor talking to themselves, but it's been done before in Fall Weather Friends and also Rarity Takes Manehattan so we know it's something that can be done!

    But if we think about it, these two interacting with each other would totally be a goldmine of storytelling potential. They're polar opposites, with Pinkie Pie being loud, extraverted and bold and Flutte…

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  • TheBluParchment

    I watch FiM a lot, but I don't find myself laughing very often at all. This isn't the show being bad, it's just what I'm like. I tend to crack up at different times than a lot of others. Out of all the scenes in FiM, there are two or three outstanding ones for me that I simply couldn't stop laughing at for a long time:

    For those of you who don't know, Rarity is one of my favourite characters in FiM. She's so over the top in her reaction to "crimes against fashion" that it's an instant laugh to me. Castle Mane-ia is one of my favourite Season 4 episodes overall in terms of innocent fun.

    Of all the characters in FiM, I find Dashie to be the least funny and the most serious, along with Applejack. Playing off of Rainbow Dash's love of fighting a…

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