In this blog post (my first), I will go over the fandom's troubles with Earth ponies, the facts of the canon breed and also hopefully explain why Earth ponies are least featured as OCs in the community. I also hope to persuade some readers that Earth ponies are compleatly equal and in some cases more important than the other pony breeds.

This is a LONG post :P

Applejack makes a face when Pinkie asks for wheat germ S1E4

I am clearly not important to the show!

Earth pony OCs-

Before reading this section of my post, take a look at this article from Equestria Daily:

As seen in the article, Pegasi and unicorns are most commonly picked as OCs by the brony community. Many bronies that have unicorn OCs explain that the primary reason they picked the breed was because unicorns are able to do many magic spells and pick up many things at once. Almost like an all powerful vibe. And that's one important reason why many bronies leave Earth ponies in the dark in terms of OCs and choosing a race. Two words, Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is naturally the main, main character of the show, and as such, is seen the most out of the main cast. She is also naturally gifted with magic, that being her special talent. A common misconception within the fandom is that unicorns are more gifted than other races because they are able to cast spells. Another misconception is that ALL unicorns are on the same level as Twilight in regards to what magic they can do. Twilight is not a representitive of all unicorns, because it's made pretty clear that "unicorns only have a little magic that matches their special talents". If my talent was cleaning windows, and I were a unicorn, I would NOT be able to cast a spell that would be able to grant me wings, or make me be able to fly. It's just not possible. Twilight's magic is unique to her. Telekinesis is a magic that is availiable to most if not all unicorns, but that doesn't mean that they are all able to do things like pick up a whole apple orchard and dump it into buckets. Remember in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" when Ametyst Star struggles to open a jar of peanut butter. (See below).

Amethyst Star struggling to open the peanut butter jar S2E08

I am more powerful than Earth ponies!

Pegasi are also picked over Earth ponies because of their ability to fly and stand on clouds. Like unicorns, many fandom members want to be the "fastest Pegasus in the sky", and most OCs I've seen are generally the "fastest Pegasus in the sky". Again like unicorns, Pegasi are usually only average fliers that don't fly as fast as Rainbow Dash because that's what her special talent is, flying fast (and winning).

Earth pony Steriotypes-

"Earth ponies are only good for doing manual labour"

One extreamly annoying steriotype of Earth ponies is that they are only good at manual labour tasks such as moving heavy objects and ploughing fields. This is not true. Earth pony celeberaties include Saphire Shores, Hoity Toity and also Photo Finish. As most of the series is set in Ponyville, a rural town set up by Earth ponies, Earth ponies there naturally do jobs like moving farm objects. Canterlot is full of Earth ponies.

"Earth ponies are not as important as the other races because they lack horns and wings"

Two towns, Appleoosa and Ponyville have been seen as towns that were founded by Earth ponies. As well as Manehattan, which has been depicted with only Earth ponies in it, with unicorn waiters. Dodge Junction is also a mainly Earth pony town. Earth ponies also grow food (which no other breed can do), as shown in "Hearths Warming Eve". I have seen some say "but unicorns can do it faster". NO, that was PICKING food, not growing it.

Twilight using magic on apples S1E4

Yeah, all unicorns can do this can't they.... #Twilight

"The Iron Pony Competition shows that Pegasi are better than Earth ponies"

Only in athletics, and even so, Rainbow cheated by using her wings.

And there we have it, proof that unicorns and Pegasi are not more powerful than Earth ponies. We should perhapes judge a pony's skills from their cutie mark in the future, and not from their breed.