1. Rename Twilight Sparkle "Mary Sue".

2. Put a fake/fanmade picture of Flash Sentry on his page, or rename him "Brad" or "My Waifu".

3. Switch Twilight and Trixie's pictures around.

4. Put gender-swapped version pictures of the Mane Six on their pages.

5. As suggested, rename Applejack "Princess Applejack" to make people think he's not trolling.

6. Make Scootaloo's "Type" (Breed of pony) a "Chicken".

7. Name the Season 4 Finale "Boyfriends, Bows and Beautiful Babies".

8. Make Discord's page weird by making paragraphs out of sequence and pictures not fitting.

9. Rename Scootaloo as "Chicken". Running...out of...ideas...

10. Rename Twilight as "Best Pony".

Anyone got any other ideas??