This blog is dedicated to a similar one I encountered a while back. Here's a group of terrible OC designs I found through bad luck. Please note that this isn't a personal attack against people who prefer certain colour choices.

This blog is also a memorial to all of the unfortunate pony souls that were unlucky enough to have these bodies and characters. If you please...a moment of silence... :(

Listen to this while reading, it helps with the trauma:

Jake the Destroyer


The only thing that needs destroying is that haircut. It's a crime against fashion and needs to be condemned. I like the shoes though...

Jake is a Pegasus prince who was banished to Tartarus by Celestia for killing Twilight. His favourite hobbies are dark, darkness and all things dark. He is Sombra's son and also happens to be the fastest flyer in all of Equestria! He's married to Flurry Heart because only she can see his soft, tender side as he's very misunderstood.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Rainbowsmiles Flutterclever Fairyflotterflitter


Where do I start? The colour choice is just painful. The stallion legs are worse! Is this the worst pony OC ever created? Am I going insane right now just looking at it? The answer is yes.

Queen Rainbowsmiles Flutterclever Fairyflotterflitter is the daughter of Fluttershy and Prince Blueblood. She has a talent with animals and can create rainbows wherever she goes! She also happens to be the fastest flyer in all of Equestria and everypony loves and admires her beauty.

Prince Buff Bucksire


At least the creator got the stallion legs right this time... I see a lot of these OCs get thrown around where an Alicorn or a Unicorn with a broken horn gets everything they want and all the mares they want. But the worst is yet to come, mares and gentle-colts.

Buff Buckshire is a dashing prince from Canterlot! He lost his horn whilst battling Discord and Celestia felt sorry for him so she gave him magical wings. Got any problems? This pony can wave his wings and use them to do magic like Unicorns again! He also happens to be the best flyer in all of Equestria! He dyed his tail green because he adores the colour green and plans on dying his mane too!

(I for one can't wait to see him successfully dying. :P)

I don't even know...


You stole Glaze's mane and glued it on your head, stuck mechanical wings on, made him fly and called it an original character. This is a new low for all of us. Are you a Zebra? Why is your tail the same colour as your coat! Whyyy!

Meet Wonderstallion! He's an awesome pony and just so happens to be the best flyer in Equestria and he's the captain of the Wonderbolts! Spitfire gave up her position when he joined them and so did all the others!

(Gee I wonder why.)

Thanks for looking at my list. Find any terrible OCs you feel like sharing? Please do, it will help the pain go away if we all share it together. Excuse me while I wash myself. I feel unclean from this.

Also, use these to intentionally create your own terrible OCs, or find ones online and create/share their biographies below as I need a good laugh: