Hi, everypony. TheClydesdalePegasus is here and I really need your help! I have been editing the Equestria Girls wiki for the past four days and I'm a bit tired. Since the upcoming movie Friendship Games is coming this fall and I decide to make the Equestria Girls wiki a better wikia, I need your help doing the following here on the Equestria Girls wiki:

  • Add some new character pages
  • Change every single character descriptions so it can specific
  • Delete every single character pages that appears in the comic book. (Because some of the characters are not canon to the films). I will put these pages back if they appear in the movie and/or tv series.
  • Help me add several references.
  • Change the background into this one.
  • Delete these categories "Movie Summary", "Writers", "Equestria Girls trailer", "Animals" (so I can replace it with "Pets"), "Setting" (so I can replace it with "Locations"), "Student from Canterlot High", etc.
  • Delete these pages "The Crystal Empire", "The Element of Magic", etc.

Sorry, I can't list of these. Because it will get overwhelming. I will add more details down in the comments, and I will answer several questions from you.

ClydesdalePegasus out!