Season 4 has been a great season so far, and I am asking: How would you rank the episodes, worst to best?

Also, if this list has been done before, I am sorry.

To add: You can rank the parts of "Princess Twilight Sparkle" apart or together. I will do it together to save the limited brain power I have left. :P

  1. Castle Mane-ia - Loved it.
  2. Daring Don't - awesome indiana jones type episode.
  3. Power Ponies - FlutterHulk, overall pretty funny and great episode.
  4. Rarity Takes Manehatten - Not Rarity's best episode, but still pretty good plot.
  5. Princess Twilight Sparkle (parts 1 and 2) - Really good season opener.
  6. Flight To The Finish - Great episode, but hated DT and SS in it.
  7. Bats! - Don't get me wrong, this was a great episode, but the episode could have been avoided if AJ was less stubborn.

Just my opinion, don't hate.