Hey, everyone! I just wanted to quickly stop by the wiki and say that today is my Birthaversary! Yes, it is both my birthday, and my two year wikiversary! I'm currently writing this from an amazing tablet with horrible autocorrect, so I apologize for any errors that you might see.

So, exactly two years ago, right before the release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, I made my first appearance on this wikia. I had been looking at this place for quite some time beforehand, but I had only decided to finally join on my birthday back in 2014. And back then, all I wanted to do was edit. I adored the show so much, but I didn't particularly want to comment, socialize, or anything. I wanted to do was help the wikia become a better place by editing pages. However, when I really saw the the beautiful community of users we have here, with so many different users and so many different opinions, I knew that I had to join in. So I began to socialize with other users and make some friends. Now, I've made a lot of contributions to the wiki, in both commenting and editing,  but I have also made a lot of friends that I enjoy talking to everyday. And a big part of that came through my blogs. I started out with simple polls, which turned into the MLP song game, which then became Pony Arena, which has been going strong for almost two years now! Through these blogs, I met a lot of different people who I am glad to know.

Being here on the wiki and has been a fun experience. Sure, it has its off days sometimes, but for the most part, I'm glad that I joined. Like I said, I've made a lot of friends here (and on chat, of course), and there's been so many people who have given me support when something goes awry in my life. I thank you all for that.

So, yeah, that's my story! I'm glad to have been here for two whole years now, and I hope I'll be here for more! I've done a lot of growing here, and I look forward to growing some more with all of you guys!