Hey there, everypony! It’s me, TheGuineaPig45, with the FINALS of the MLP Song Game! For the past few months, all of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic songs have gone head-to-head in a competition for the title of “BEST SONG”. Out of all of them, three songs, (Pinkie’s Lament, This Day Aria, and Shine Like Rainbows) have beaten all the others. Now, it's time to see which one will take the top spot and win the competition!

This is the final battle!!! Who will win?

Voting is now over. See the results here!

Thank you all so much for participating in the game! The winner will be announced on April 3rd! I thank every single person who has participated in this game so far. Thanks to all of you, this game has become a fun, magnificent, successful experience! Thank you all! (happy) (:DD)

Remember, this game is just for fun. If anyone wants to suggest anything, give advice, or even just talk about a song or something, the comments section is below, or you can go to my talk page! All feedback is greatly appreciated! And if you want to see the dates for each round, then go to my user page! Thank you, and enjoy the game! (smile3)