Hello there! It's me again, TheGuineaPig45, with Round 5 of the MLP Song Game! In case you are just joining now, here's how the game works: through several weekly blog posts and polls, people will vote on their favorite songs from each season/movie (1, 2, 3, 4, Equestria Girls, and Rainbow Rocks). The top 3 songs (with the most votes) from each season/Equestria Girls movie will then all go head to head in the semifinals, and the top three from there will compete in the finals, leaving one, the best song of them all!

Last round, the three winners were:

Hearts Strong as Horses


You’ll Play Your Part

Those three songs will move on. Today, we’re going through the mirror with Round 5, featuring the songs from the first Equestria Girls movie. The top three songs based on votes will move ahead. Good luck to the songs of Equestria Girls!

Voting for Round 5 is now over. The results:

My Little Pony Theme Song (Equestria Girls)- 5

This Strange World- 1

Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song)- 15

Time to Come Together- 1

This is Our Big Night- 4

A Friend For Life- 3

Voting for the Second Chance is now over. The results:

Cutie Mark Crusaders Song- 1

The Failure Song- 2

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me- 7

I've Got to Find a Way- 2

Apples to the Core- 4

Pinkie's Lament- 7

Music in the Treetops- 2

Find the Music In You- 3

Let the Rainbow Remind You- 1

Thank you all for making this round a success! Round 6 will begin on the 11th. And a GIANT "thank you" to everyone who has participated so far! You’ve made this game successful. I hope you’re having fun! (happy)

Remember, this game is just for fun. If anyone wants to suggest anything, give advice, or even just talk about a song or something, the comments section is below, or you can go to my talk page! All feedback is greatly appreciated! And if you want to see the dates for each round, then go to my user page! Thank you and enjoy the game! (smile3)


  • Art of the Dress
  • Winter Wrap Up
  • At the Gala
  • Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
  • The Smile Song
  • This Day Aria
  • The Ballad of the Crystal Empire
  • Babs Seed
  • A True, True Friend
  • Hearts Strong as Horses
  • Bats
  • You’ll Play Your Part