Hey everyone! It’s TheGuineaPig45, with the first round of my newest game, Pony Arena. In this game, two rivals, whether they are characters, episodes, songs, or items, will go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round will feature three matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

This is the first week of the game, so here are three introductory matchups that are simple and similar to the Twilight vs. Trixie round from the preview. Vote, and see who will come out on top between these ponies. Good luck!


Voting Ends Today!

First, we have Applejack vs. Rainbow Dash, a matchup featured in the show in episodes like Fall Weather Friends, and Castle Mane-ia. Who do you think is better?

Results: Most Daring Pony

Applejack: 17

Rainbow Dash: 18

Winner: Rainbow Dash

Next, we have a matchup between the two super duper party ponies from Pinkie Pride: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich! Who is funnier? You decide!

Results: Goof-Off

Pinkie Pie: 29

Cheese Sandwich: 6

Winner: Pinkie Pie

And lastly, we have Rarity vs. Fluttershy, the two friends who didn’t talk to each other and never learned how each other felt in Green Isn’t Your Color. Who do you think wins between them?

Results: Green Isn't Your Color

Rarity: 11

Fluttershy: 22

Winner: Fluttershy

Thank you to everyone who participated in this round and suggested matchups! The next will begin May 5th.

Special thanks to Meester Tweester, Animerocks3748, and SonataFan for suggesting the matchups featured here!

Remember: this game is for fun. If you have any suggestions for this game, or want to give advice, please do so on my talk page or in the comments! And don’t forget: anyone can suggest a matchup! Thank you all very much! Enjoy the game! (:D)

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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