Hey, everyone! It’s TheGuineaPig45, your host for the twentieth round of my second game on the wiki, Pony Arena! In this game, multiple rivals, whether they are characters, episodes, or songs, will go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round will feature four matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

Welcome to Round 20 of Pony Arena! I'll be honest, I never ever expected the game to go this far! But all of you guys supported it, and because of that, we've made it here! This game would've never worked without all of you, so for this round, I decided to do something special for you all: the Round 20 Extravaganza! This is a round that's unlike any other, featuring all kinds of different things. Below, you'll see matchups with two rivals, three rivals, a theme, two rematches of some of the closest Pony Arena matchups, and a SUPRISE! It's the biggest round of Pony Arena so far, made just for you guys! I hope you all enjoy it!


Voting Ends Today!

Let's kick this off with a few matchups featuring one or two rivals!

To begin, here's one Fruity Treeze suggested: Princess Luna vs. Sunset Shimmer! (I'll give you a hint; this is not the last time you'll be seeing Sunset in this round!) Both two of these characters were corrupted by power, but once the Mane Six came and snapped them out of it with a rainbow, they became reformed, and now help the gang from time to time. Who's the better character following their redemption?

Results: My Past is Not Today

Sunset Shimmer: 24

Princess Luna: 19

Winner: Sunset Shimmer

Next up, we've got a matchup featuring the three characters who have been imprisoned, but managed to escape and cause trouble: Discord vs. Lord Tirek vs. Cerberus! This one was also suggested by Fruity Treeze! Which is the better character between these three?

Results: Not-a-Pony

Discord: 32

Tirek: 5


Winner: Discord

It's time for another one-on-one-on-one, this time suggested by TheBluParchment! It's a magic duel, with Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer as the competitors! It's a duel between magic-related ponies... who wins?

Results: MAGIC!!!

Sunset Shimmer: 28

Starlight Glimmer: 6

Trixie Lulamoon: 4

Winner: Sunset Shimmer

Now, for a question that I'm sure will have so many different answers... which is the best type of pony of the basic three? That's right: Earth ponies vs. Pegasi vs. Unicorns! Which one dominates over the other two?

Results: My Little Pony

Unicorns: 11

Earth Ponies: 6

Pegasi: 23

Winner: Pegasi

And finally, Suited for Success vs. A Dog and Pony Show vs. Sweet and Elite, three of Rarity's earliest episodes! This is a SUPER special matchup, as it was suggested by SuperPinkBrony12 on, rather than on this site! Which is the best early solo-Rarity episode?

Results: Rarity!

Suited for Success: 9

A Dog and Pony Show: 7

Sweet and Elite: 23

Winner: Sweet and Elite

Next up, we've got a theme! Suggested by SonataFan, it's time for a battle between the siblings!

For our first sister matchup, it's a battle between the two Apple Family sisters: Applejack vs. Apple Bloom! These two sisters are so close, that Apple Bloom can always turn to AJ from help and get it. Who's the better one?

Results: Siblings #1

Applejack: 20

Apple Bloom: 19

Winner: Applejack

Next, it's a matchup between the two Belle(?) Family sisters: Sweetie Belle vs. Rarity! While they may not always appear to get along, it's clear these two love each other deeply. And, when they are getting along, it's adorable! Which pony sister beats the other?

Results: Siblings #2

Rarity: 21

Sweetie Belle: 20

Winner: Rarity

And for our final sister battle, it's Rainbow Dash vs. Scootaloo! While these two aren't actually sisters, they're so close, you could call them that and it'd still be fine. Who's the best "sister"?

Results: Siblings #3

Rainbow Dash: 22

Scootaloo: 17

Winner: Rainbow Dash

Next up, a few Pony Arena REMATCHES!!! These rematches are for matchups that were so close, with only a one-vote difference between characters. These rematches give a second chance to the losers, while also seeing if the winner can hold their spot on the Hall of Fame! Let the battles begin again!

The first rematch is Applejack vs. Rainbow Dash. You may not remember this one, since it was really early on into the game (first round early), but that doesn't change how close it was! It was a tie until the last second, where Guildmaster Grovyle put in the winning vote for Rainbow! Can Rainbow keep her glory, or will Applejack take this second chance to redeem herself?

Results: Most Daring Pony (2)

Rainbow Dash: 26

Applejack: 13

Winner: Rainbow Dash

The other rematch is Princess Celestia vs. Twilight Sparkle. This was the closest Pony Arena matchup of all time. Back in Round 14, these two ponies were tied 20 to 20. This tie stood for hours, with no changing. When the time came to close the round, they were still tied, and the winner had to be decided out of game. Princess Celestia won, but in this rematch, that could change. Twilight could claim victory over her mentor... we'll have to see!

Results: The Student Becomes the Teacher (2)

Princess Celestia: 17

Twilight Sparkle: 21

Winner: Twilight Sparkle

This round is close to being over. There's so much going on, and I hope you've been enjoying it all! It's not over yet, though. Now, it's time for...

...the first ever 10-way Pony Arena matchup!!! In this matchup, 10 different characters will face off, and only one can win. It's up to you who to decide who it will be!

The ten competitors in this matchup are all the characters who have had several episodes focused on them: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Of the "Mane 10", who is the best? You decide!

Results: Mane 10

Twilight Sparkle: 6

Rarity: 2

Fluttershy: 5

Pinkie Pie: 6

Applejack: 2

Spike: 2

Rainbow Dash: 14

Apple Bloom: 0

Sweetie Belle: 2

Scootaloo: 1

Winner: Rainbow Dash

And that's all, everypony! I hope you enjoyed the extravaganza! Thank you all so much for participating in this round. Since 80% of voters chose this, you'll be getting five more rounds following this one! (:D) Enjoy them!

Special thanks to EVERYONE who participates, and all people listed above. You're all awesome!

Remember: this game is for fun. If you have would like to make suggestions for this game, please do so on the Suggestion Blog! Don’t forget: anyone can suggest a matchup! If you would like to see the winners of the game, check out the Hall of Fame! And if you would like to give any advice, please do so here or on my talk page. Thank you all very much! Enjoy! (h)

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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