Hello, everyone! It’s TheGuineaPig45, your host for Round 31 of the wiki game, Pony Arena! In this game, two or more rivals, whether they are characters, episodes, or songs, go head-to-head in a poll, and whichever one gets more votes by the end of each round wins! Each round features at least five matchups, and anyone can suggest a matchup if they please!

Welcome everyone, to the thirty-first week of Pony Arena! Now that the tournament is over, I'll be over here making the main game more often, at least until I make the new idea a lot of you guys want. I hope you all liked the tournament! It was certainly a fun one! (wow) Another fun round was certainly Round 30! I personally thought it had lot of great matchups, and a bunch of fun rematches! You have Crimson to thank for that one! (:D)

So, following the great, big Round 30, we have Round 31, which will have a few matchups. The suggestion blog is getting a bit crowded, so I'm gonna be putting more and more suggestions in future rounds. But for now, enjoy this nice, small round, before bigger rounds begin to come up again!



To start off this round, we have two of the Mane Six's friends from their pasts: Moon Dancer vs. Coloratura! One was Twilight's old friend from Celestia's school, the other Applejack's old friend from Camp Friendship. Which old friend did you like more?

Pony Arena: Old Friends

Moon Dancer: 9

Coloratura: 40

Winner: Coloratura

Next up, the Hooffields vs. the McColts! Both of these two families feuded until Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy showed them the way. Which one would you have supported?

Pony Arena: A Family Feud

The Hooffields: 10

The McColts: 35

Winner: The McColts

Following that, we have two groups with a similar name: The Wonderbolts vs. The Wondercolts! One is a group of professional flyers, the other a team of students who have faced so much, but still fight on. Which one do you prefer?

Pony Arena: Let's go...

Wonderbolts: 14

Wondercolts: 33

Winner: Wondercolts

Speaking of The Wonderbolts, we have a matchup featuring it's most important members: Spitfire vs. Soarin vs. Fleetfoot! Which of these elite Pegasi do you feel is the best?

Pony Arena: From Cloudsdale, whichisapartofEquestria

Spitfire: 21

Soarin: 22

Fleetfoot: 4

Winner: Soarin

And finally, we have two dark foes from the show: King Sombra vs. Queen Chrysalis! Of these former rulers, which one did you want to defeat?

Pony Arena: Evil Royalty

Queen Chrysalis: 39

King Sombra: 11

Winner: Queen Chrysalis

And that's it for this week! Thank you to all who participated, and continue to support this game! (heart) Round 32 will begin December 1st! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Fruity Treeze, NeonPalatte93, Hixzon, Firesnow16, and Animerocks3748 for suggesting matchups featured here! Super special thanks to Crimson "Valent" Azure for making the previous round!

Remember: this game is for fun. If you have would like to make suggestions, please do so on the Suggestion Blog! Don’t forget: anyone can suggest a matchup! If you would like to see the winners, check out the Hall of Fame! And if you want to check the dates for the game, please see the Date Blog! Have any advice? Please tell me or one of the other hosts here or on our respective talk pages. Thank you all very much! Enjoy! (h)

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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