Hey, everybody! It's TheGuineaPig45. Currently, on this wiki, I'm making game called Pony Arena. I've had a good time making it, and a lot of people seem satisfied with it. I'm very happy about it, and always excited to make the next round. Thank you all! (smile3)

Anyway, something about the game is that you can suggest your own matchups to be put in the game. This has been going very well, but I must admit, I'm a little disorganized. I have some trouble finding the matchups in the comments section when there are so many comments. So, I decided to create this Suggestion Blog. This blog is where you can suggest any matchups you want for the game. Anyone can suggest, and they can suggest as many times as they want! The only rule is the matchups have to be between two "rivals" (these can be songs, characters, or episodes), and they have to be official material. Other than that, any suggestion works!

Suggestions with 2

Princess Luna vs. Princess Cadance (suggested by MrLazarV)

Princess Celestia vs. Principal Cinch (suggested by MrLazarV)

We'll Make Our Mark (reprise) vs. A True True Friend (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Big Mac vs. Marble Pie(suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Holder's Boulder vs. Tom(suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Coloratura vs. Sapphire Shores(suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Over a Barrel vs. Hooffields and Mccolts (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

The Heart Carol vs. Equestria, The Land I Love (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

What More is Out There? vs. This Strange World (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Applebuck Season Muffins vs. Sugar Belle Muffins (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Babs Seed vs. Silver Spoon (suggested by GoldenLine)

Griffon the Brush Off vs. Boast Busters (suggested by GoldenLine)

Marble Pie vs. Limestone Pie (suggested by Neonpalette93)

Svengallop vs. Spoiled Rich (suggested by Neonpalette93)

Queen Chrysalis vs. Nightmare Moon (suggested by Neonpalette93)

EG Soundtrack vs. RR Soundtrack (suggested by Choong57)

Shine Like Rainbows vs. Right There in Front of Me (suggested by Choong57)

Gummy vs. Winona (suggested by Choong57)

Igneous Rock Pie vs Granny Smith (suggested by Choong57)

Tirek vs. Scorpan (suggested by Choong57)

DJ Pon-3 vs. Lemon Zest (suggested by Choong57)

Rainbow Dash vs. Gilda (suggested by Choong57)

Crystal Prep Shadowbolts vs. Dazzlings (suggested by Crimson "Valent" Azure)

Pinkie's Lament vs. The Pony I Want To Be (suggested by Fruity Treeze and CMCC)

Cloudy Quartz vs Igneous Rock (suggested by Elsa of Arendelle)

The Vote vs. Cafeteria Song (suggested by Elsa of Arendelle and Animerocks3748)

Coloratura vs Svengallop (suggested by Hixzon)

Sassy Saddles vs Svengallop (suggested by Hixzon)

Rainbow vs Twilight (suggested by Hixzon)

Coloratura vs Applejack (suggested by Hixzon)

Flash Sentry vs Sandalwood (suggested by Hixzon)

Rainbow Dash vs Spitfire (suggested by Hixzon)

Starlight Glimmer vs Twilight (suggested by Hixzon)

Sunset Shimmer vs. Sci-Twi (suggested by PrincessTS and Hixzon)

Indigo Zap vs. Rainbow Dash (suggested by PrincessTS)

Sonata Dusk vs. Pinkie Pie (suggested by PrincessTS)

Spike vs. Garble (suggested by Lord Spike, unsung champion of love and honor)

Raven vs. Kibitz (suggested by Guildmaster Grovyle)

Suggestions with 3+

Lemon Hearts vs. Minuette vs. Twinkleshine (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

Archery vs. Motocross vs. Roller Skating (suggested by Fruity Treeze)

A Friend For Life vs. Shine Like Rainbows vs. Right There In Front Of Me (suggested by MrLazarV)

Indigo Zap vs. Sugarcoat vs. Sour Sweet vs. Lemon Zest vs. Sunny Flare (suggested by Neonpalette93)

Coloratura vs Photo Finish vs Sapphire vs Prim Hemline vs Fleur vs Daring Do (suggested by Hixzon)

'Nightmare Moon vs. Discord vs. Chrysalis vs. King Sombra vs. Tirek vs. Starlight Glimmer ' (suggested by Choong57)

The Cutie Map vs. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone vs. Made In Manehattan vs. The Hooffields and McColts (suggested by Neonpalette93 and Choong57)

We'll Make Our Mark (Prelude) vs. The Vote vs. The Pony I Want to Be vs. Light of Your Cutie Mark vs. The Pony I Want to Be (Reprise) vs. We'll Make Our Mark (suggested by Elsa of Arendelle)

What More is Out There? vs. ACADECA vs. CHS Rally Song vs. Unleash The Magic vs. Friendship Games vs. Right There in Front of Me (suggested by PrincessTS)

Theme Suggestions

Cider (suggested by Meester Tweester)

Pet (suggested by Ballwa44)

Pinkie Pie (suggested by Animerocks3748)

Background Ponies (suggested by Munazza)

Thank you all very much! Enjoy!

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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