Hey, everyone! It's me, TheGuineaPig45, here with the results of the Pony Arena Tournament! In this game, two characters went head-to-head in a poll. Whichever one got more votes by the end of each round moved on to the next round, while the one with less was eliminated, up until now...

Wow, everyone! That was sure one crazy ride! We started out with 32 characters suggested by participants, and let them all fight in a tournament bracket. Every round, only half of the competitors in the previous round made it ahead, making for some crazy rounds. Rainbow Dash suffered from her first ever loss in a close tie with Fluttershy. Spitfire got completely obliterated by Princess Celestia. Rarity got her first win in ages. There were many unexpected things, and a lot of fun!

But now, the tournament is over. In the end, it was Discord vs. Fluttershy, and only one could win it all. It's time to announce that winner! Between the two competitors... with 63% of the 63 votes...

The winner is...


That's right, everypony! Fluttershy has won the tournament! She fought well, and it paid off! She will be earning a special spot in the Hall of Fame, as our Tournament Champion and Discord will be earning second. Nice job to Fluttershy! She won it in the end!

And so, the tournament has reached its end. I know I certainly had a great time making it, playing it, and sharing it with all of you guys! I had fun, but I want to know how you guys felt about the tournament! Did you like it? Did you dislike it? Answer in the poll below.

How did you like the Pony Arena Tournament?

The poll was created at 23:40 on November 20, 2015, and so far 43 people voted.

Also, after this, I will be assisting Crimson in making rounds 31-40. But after that, what would you like me to do?

What do you want GuineaPig to do next?

The poll was created at 23:56 on November 20, 2015, and so far 39 people voted.

And that's it! Fluttershy wins! I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you to all who supported the tournament and participated all the way through! You guys are AWESOME!!! (heart) Thank you so much!

Remember: this game is for fun. If you have would like to make suggestions for the main game (which can be found below), please do so on the Suggestion Blog! Don’t forget: anyone can suggest a matchup! If you would like to see the winners of the tournament, check out the Hall of Fame! And if you want to check the dates for the tournament, see the Date Blog! Have any advice, or simply want to talk to a host? Please do so here or on our respective talk pages. Thank you all very much! Enjoy! (h)

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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