Welcome back to the end of Pony Arena Tourney II! This is, for real, the final round, and I, TheGuineaPig45, am planning to make sure it's a good one!

So, last blog, Sweetie Belle beat Fluttershy, meaning that 62 of the 64 character have ended their stories in the game, and have each earned their place, which you can see here. However, there's still one, final battle left... one to decide who shall win the game OVERALL! Will it be Twilight Sparkle or Sunset Shimmer? That's up to you to decide! Remember though, this decides the entire game, so choose wisely.

It's all come down this moment... who's going to be the Ultimate Champion?

Final Battle

Voting is over. Check out the results here!

Thank you all very much for participating and supporting the series for such a long time. I hope you have fun with this newest installment! Enjoy!

Pony Arena Tourney II, by TheGuineaPig45

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