Hello, everyone, and welcome to the all-new installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

Welcome back to Pony Arena, everyone! I know it's been a while since the last one of these blogs, but I've decided that it's finally time for this series to return. I've got a lot planned for future, and I hope all of you enjoy it!

Back in February, I announced that I would be making a sequel to 2015's Pony Arena Tournament, and today, I am here to deliver! Here's how the game will work: 64 user-selected characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, its spinoff film series, as well as its official comic book series, have been selected to compete in the game. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the competitors go head-to-head in a poll. Whichever one gets the most votes by the end of the round moves ahead, while the one with less votes is eliminated from the main competition! The game will continue this way for many rounds, until only one character remains, taking the top spot and earning the title of Ultimate PAGTII Champion! Each round will last three days, and four matchups will happen in every blog post.

So, are you ready to start the game? Because I am! Remember: only 32 of the 64 competitors will make it to the next round. The other 32 will be eliminated (however, they will appear in a future "Loser's Bracket")! Also, please try not to flood the comments section. I encourage posting comments about the game and who you voted for, just as long as you don't go overboard with it.

Alright, everyone! The bracket has been created, the characters are all set to go, and everything has been prepared. So, without further ado, it's time to finally begin...


Round 1a

Let's kick things off with our first matchup of the game: Trixie Lulamoon vs. Dinky Doo! One is a magician whose always got a few tricks up her sleeve, while the other is an adorable little filly who lives in Ponyville. Which one do you prefer?

Round One: Trixie vs. Dinky

Trixie Lulamoon: 28

Dinky Doo: 9

Winner: Trixie Lulamoon

Next up, we've got Sci-Twi vs. Derpy! The former is a smart, teenage girl from Equestria Girls who's beginning to learn the Magic of Friendship, while the latter is a silly pony who enjoys muffins. Which one do you like more?

Round One: Sci-Twi vs. Derpy

Derpy: 23

Sci-Twi: 13

Winner: Derpy

Following that, we've got two ponies who don't always get the spotlight: Doctor Hooves vs. Radiant Hope! One is a stallion obsessed with science, while the other is a childhood friend of King Sombra. Which one do you think is better? (28/7)

Round One: Doctor vs. Radiant

Doctor Hooves: 28

Radiant Hope: 7

Winner: Doctor Hooves

And last, but not definitely least, Sunny Flare vs. Spitfire! Both are great athletes, with one dominating at roller skating, and the other being a great flyer. Which one do you like more?

Round One: Sunny vs. Spitfire

Sunny Flare: 2

Spitfire: 34

Winner: Spitfire

Let the games begin! I hope all of you enjoyed the opening to Pony Arena Tourney II! I had a lot of fun making it and playing it with all of you guys! PAG has been gone for a while, and it feels nice to return to it. Round 1b will be releasing on April 11, so be ready!

Thank you all very much for participating and supporting the series for such a long time. I hope you have fun with this newest installment! Enjoy!

Pony Arena Tourney II, by TheGuineaPig45

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