Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the all-new installment in the Pony Arena Game series: Pony Arena Tourney II, hosted by me, TheGuineaPig45!

It's time for a new blog in the game! Round 1b was fun, even though it had some predictable results. This time around, though, I think the results are going to be a lot closer than before. Things are gonna start heating up!

So, for anyone who's new to the game, here's how to play: 64 user-selected characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, its spinoff film series, as well as its official comic book series, have been selected to compete in the game. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the competitors go head-to-head in a poll. Whichever one gets the most votes by the end of the round moves ahead, while the one with less votes is eliminated from the main competition! The game will continue this way for many rounds, until only one character remains, taking the top spot and earning the title of Ultimate PAGTII Champion! Each round will last three days, and four matchups will happen in every blog post.

Remember: only 32 of the 64 total competitors will make it to the next round. The other 32 will be eliminated (however, they will appear in a future "Loser's Bracket")! Also, please try not to flood the comments section. I encourage posting comments about the game and who you voted for, just as long as you don't go overboard with it.

Alright, everyone! Everything is ready, so let's begin the newest round of...


Round 1c

Starting this off will be battle of the sisters. That's right, it's time for Rarity vs. Sweetie Belle! One is the Element of Generosity, as well as a strong dressmaker and businesspony, while the other is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who loves to sing and is great at it. Which do you like more?

Round One: Rarity vs. Sweetie

Rarity: 25

Sweetie Belle: 16

Winner: Rarity

Speaking of ponies with "Sweetie" in their name, it's time for Sweetie Drops vs. Lord Tirek! Can this female spy pony defeat her foe, or will the evil centaur take all the glory?

Round One: Bon Bon vs. Tirek

Sweetie Drops: 34

Lord Tirek: 6

Winner: Sweetie Drops

Following that is a battle between two stallions who have always aided others: Big McIntosh vs. Kibitz! One helps Sweet Apple Acres grow and flourish, while the other helps Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in their daily activities. Which one do you prefer?

Round One: Big Mac vs. Kibitz

Big McIntosh: 39

Kibitz: 1

Winner: Big McIntosh

And finally, Sassy Saddles vs. Minuette! The former runs the Canterlot Boutique, while the other is one of Twilight Sparkle's childhood friends. Which one do you think is better?

Round One: Sassy vs. Minuette

Sassy Saddles: 9

Minuette: 30

Winner: Minuette

And the game continues! I hope you all enjoyed this round! The next one will be coming April 17, so be ready!

Thank you all very much for participating and supporting the series for such a long time. I hope you have fun with this newest installment! Enjoy!

Pony Arena Tourney II, by TheGuineaPig45

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