Hey, everyone! It's TheGuineaPig45, here, with an update on how these next few wiki days are gonna go for me. For a few days, you won't be seeing me too much; not because of a personal problem, simply because of my want to avoid spoilers for Friendship Games.

On Thursday and Friday, I'll be on for only a little bit; mostly on the Pony Arena pages, Made in Manehattan, and blogs. I will not be on any of the Friendship Games related pages, or Episodes, like I usually am, in hopes of spoiler avoiding. I'm even gonna try to avoid the Recent Wiki Activity page (even though I have it bookmarked).

On Saturday, I will be here for even less. I'll be on the pages stated above for the morning, but after MiM airs, I'll be entirely gone until after FG has premiered in the US. Since it's airing in Canada and Brazil first, I want to avoid spoilers. Easiest way to do that is waiting until I've seen it. I will be seeing it at it's airtime, though, so I won't be gone for too long. After the film is over, I'll share my opinions on it, and then things will be back to normal.

So, starting tomorrow until super-late Saturday/early Sunday, I'll be basically gone. I hope you can understand. I'll see you around until then!