A while ago, I made a blog asking what was your least favorite MLP song. Now, I'm doing the opposite. What are everybody's favorite MLP songs?

Pinkie Pie singing on top of balcony S4E12

Pinkie regaining confidence in herself

My favorite is Pinkie's Lament, because it showed so much development for Pinkie. Pinkie starts off depressed, but as the song progresses, she sees her work in the past and regains confidence in herself. It's one of the reasons I like Pinkie so much.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance singing together S4E25

Princesses together in beautiful harmony

Then comes You'll Play Your Part. Another amazing song, it begins with Twilight being sad, but as the song progresses, the princesses all came together to boost her up. The vocals are great, and the princesses come together in such great harmony. I thought that was great. Who knew Luna had such a nice voice?

Adagio Dazzle "Now that you're" EG2

I fell under their spell!

And third, Under Our Spell. My favorite EG song of all, I love Under Our Spell because I think it sounds excellent! The instrumental is great, and so are Aria's backing vocals (one of the reasons I like Aria so much), and Sonata and Adagio's combined main vocals all make this song have its own hypnotzing feeling. The montage of the bands fighting each other also helped.

So there, those are my top 3 MLP songs. What are yours?