• I live in where ever a rock lives :P
  • My occupation is wikia editor, brony in training, playing Minecraft, etc
  • I am a pebble pegasister
  • ThePonyLover867

    One Hiatus Later...

    November 28, 2014 by ThePonyLover867

    Hi Guys :D!!!!!!!!!

    Your friend ThePonyLover867 is finally back after going into hiding for a couple of months 

    Sorry about kind of abandoning you guys for a few months  

    I will try my best to come here more often 

    The last time i was here i blocked from the website by my parents

    But with my hi tech spy skills (aka begging) i hacked through the child block system (my dad did it :P)

    As i stated​ earlier i will come here more often and because i know you are probably wondering "No I have not giving up the wikia or MLP FIM"

    Anywho that is all for now 

    See ya Around :D

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  • ThePonyLover867

    Yes you read the title of this blog right I am still alive 

    You might be wondering why i stopped coming to the wikia and chat for more than week 

    Well after my parents blocked off the chat after finding it inappropriate (there were a lot of trolls on that day) i stopped coming  

    So unluckly for me i can't come to chat anymore 

    But that won't stop me from coming to the main website and editing 

    I hope the chat won't be too boring without me  


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  • ThePonyLover867

    Time for another blog game   

    Here's how it works 

    One person comments a clue to what MLP character they are talking about 

    For Example: This pony is a member of the CMC but only has appeared in season 3 

    The next person to comment must guess the pony

    For Example: Babs Seed

    And the process repeats itself  

    The first person to comment must guess who this pony is:

    This pony is a hated character from Equestria Girls

    Have Fun!  

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  • ThePonyLover867

    True or False?

    June 22, 2014 by ThePonyLover867

    Let's play a game 

    One person will ask a true or false question then the next person to comment will leave the answer to the question and another question


    User 3: False. All birds can fly  

    User 2: False. Meghan McCarthy wrote the first episode of MLP FIM 

    User 1: The Solar System orbits around Mars 

    First person to leave a comment must answer this  

    The Earth is flat  

    Have Fun 

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  • ThePonyLover867

    Today i hit 1000 edits. This blog will end up being my 1001st edit. It took me a little more than four months but i did it.  

    This is so awesome and the friends i've made over the time i've been here makes this 20% cooler. Thanks so much guys  

    Now Random Dance Party GO 


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