Ok so if you have been watching this season you have probably noticed a lot of cliffhangers this season. But before we get to that let's talk about the box. In the season opener, the elements had to be returned to the Tree of Harmony to restore Equestria to its original state. After this was done a box was given to the mane six so mysterious not even Princess Celestia knew anything about it. After that something very mysterious has been happening a [rainbow shine in the eyes of the main six] . Most recently in Leap of Faith, Applejack learns about a honesty and recieves an object that has the same rainbow glow at the end of the episode. This has also happened in Rarity Takes Manehatten, Rainbow Falls, Pinkie Pride, and It Ain't Easy Being Breezie. Hasbro has released a new mlp toy line called Rainbow Power and Rainbow Rocks which are ponies and Equestria girls with added color streaks. These toys have new promotional pictures and animations for them are even used in a commercial. There are other cliff hangers in Castle- Maneia, Power Ponies,  and Bats that have nothing to do with the rainbow shine however i have only figured out two endings into my prediction

Bats = Fluttershy still having a fang = Return of Flutterbat 

Power Ponies= Comic book disappering at the end= ???????????

Castle Mania= Shadow figure at the end= new villian 

Another is the picture are these pictures  

These are a matching game on the mlp website  

Could it be that Discord will create chaos again? 

Or that this will be the conflict in the finale? 

Guess we will find out in the next six episodes

Discord in Magical Match three game
Discord stealing colour in Magical Match three game