Main cast looks at Starlight Glimmer S5E26

Starlight and her new friends.

Hello everyone! I’m TheRailwayMaster, aka William, and here is a small blog that I wanted to make about the future of Starlight Glimmer.

As we all know, Starlight has learnt a valuable lesson about the true magic of friendship that involves unique talents and gifts making friendship strong. She became a student of Princess Twilight to learn more of friendship and she has made lots of new friends which has made her truly happy.

I’ve imagined several things that I wanted to see from Starlight and it was great to see that they happened in Seasons 6 & 7:

  • Appearing in the intro
  • Reuniting with Sunburst
  • Meeting the baby of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor
  • Hanging out with the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Being invited to, or maybe organising, a party
  • Improving her confidence with unique talents and gifts

The only big hope I have now for Starlight is telling the story of how she got her real cutie mark. Maybe it'll happen in Season 8 or 9, but only time will tell.

Starlight Glimmer happy to see Sunburst S7E24

Starlight Glimmer today.

I should also mention that Starlight has eventually become one of my top favourite characters in MLPFIM since she is getting better and better every time.