Rainbows, unicorns, fairy tales, hearts, cupcakes, and of course, pretty pastel ponies. Many people look at these things and roll their eyes. They can't imagine there could be anything more to such things beyond what they appear to be. But not little girls. They know something that we do not. As adults, we observe that girls like these things. We absorb the information that this "frilly pink silliness" resonates with them, but we don't understand why. So when we interact with them, we try to give girls a slightly polished version of the so-called silliness our outsider eyes think they see. But when we present them with this interpretation, we sadly risk slowly convincing girls that our shallow representation is what they are actually imagining, and that the ideas in their heads are not as awesome and amazing as they actually are. if we are not careful, they will adopt our dismissive attitude that all this magic is merely "frilly pink silliness." To truly understand, we adults must go inside ourselves and remember the time before the gron-ups told us these things were not worthwhile. That child is in there somewhere, and she believes unicorns are noble beast that bring beauty to the world. She believes magical creatures are lovely and terrifying and the world they live in is one of wonder that has no bounds. She believes fairy dust is a powerful substance-what else in the world can so easily bring you greatest desires? She believes the smallest, most helpless creatures can be your strongest support group if shown enough love. She believes something as simplr as a cupcake can bring two people together in the bonds of frienship and a giggle is a welcome mat or a warm handshake. We cannot belittle this. To a little girl...This. Stuff. is. SERIOUS. To her, magic is not frivolous and silly; it is huge, and it is glorious. It is real. In her mind, it's something that not only garners wonder and awe but also respect. She knows magic can give us everthing we ever hoped for, if only we give it the reverence it deserves. If we give little girls a respectful interpretation of the things they like-if we dare to take it as seriously as they do-we will see for ourselves that it's not so silly at all. We can truly appreciate the merit they see in it. And, amazingly, we can enjoy it  ourselves. That child is in there, in each of us. And it's not so hard to find her if we just open our minds to magic. 

                                                                   TheRealRainbowDash12 03:03, January 23, 2017 (UTC)