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  • I live in an underground bunker
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Mercenary; Writer
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  • The Bunker Guy


    July 1, 2014 by The Bunker Guy

    Whelp, it appears that I have reached my very first Wikiversary. Oh happy, glorious day! :D I'm glad to have joined such a great wiki and to have some of the best friends a guy could ask for. Thank you. :')


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  • The Bunker Guy

    It's been awhile huh? So, anyway do you have any particular guilty pleasure in any video game? Like a pet name you've given to some character or some goofy or dark thing you like to do when fighting dem baddies?

    I for one have been playing inFAMOUS a lot lately and I've been doing the Good Karma path. Because of this pedestrians will throw rocks at enemies. So, one of my guilty pleasures is calling them the Pedestrian Pebble Army. And man do they have good arms O_O.

    Another goofier one is when ever I'm up high and there is an enemy beneath me, I like to activate the Gigawatt Blades, jump down behind them, and go "I'm Batman!" as I one-hit kill them.

    I also have a tendency to heal every freaken person I see no matter what I'm doing...

    So what a…

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  • The Bunker Guy

    It's a thing again! Just like last time, you may ask me almost anything! So, ask away!


    You're not posting anything. Post something now and I'll give you a completely random image for the first five questions! How can you say no to that deal!?

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  • The Bunker Guy

    Zeth Darkstar Bio

    April 19, 2014 by The Bunker Guy

    I'm bored and I wanna write, so wynaut? I got da time! Critique as you see fit.

    Zeth Darkstar was born on Earth as a Homo Morpheus, or Shapeshifter, who spent most of his early childhood training under an organization known simply as the Blue Phoenix. He has also trained under notorious bounty hunters and mercenaries to further hone his skills. He arrived in Equestria, alongside a companion, to investigate a disturbance call. After exposing a dangerous cult, alongside the Elements of Harmony, Zeth reestablished a l base for the Blue Phoenix and continued to eliminate any threats that endangered the peaceful life of the ponies as well as discover more about his family. He has four main companions that he travels with: A survivor of the zombi…

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  • The Bunker Guy

    I have a question for you all, what species is your OC and why did you choose that species? From a gamer and role-player's point of view this is what I see in each species and what combat role best suits them. What did you see in the species you choose which swayed you to choose it?

    Pegasi - A ranged or rogue-like class best suits a pegasus since they are fast. Since they have control with weather they could also make good spellswords. I believe they make good offensive and defensive roles.

    Unicorns - No brainer here. Unicorns would be exceptional mages and healers and possibly spellswords. As such they make good support roles.

    Earth Ponies - Warriors, Tanks, and Beserker type classes fit these guys perfectly because of their incredible stren…

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