The Rebels are no more and have become The Extermination. 

Victory! We have victory!

Exterminators, Applejack is dead which means the Hurt/Heal blog is over and aside from that Celestia did not win either meaning our goal has been achieved, well sort of.

Thank you all for participating and for joining the Rebels/Extermination! I will be keeping this blog for sentimental reasons. See you guys later!

I salute thee

I salute you men! I look forward to serving with you in the future!


The Bunker Guy - Co-Leader

TheCandleKeeper - Co-Leader

Crystal Blue 100 - 2nd in command

ShadowPirateX - Advisor

PixelPuppet - Veteran

SwagLuna - Veteran

SirCyrilFlash - Veteran

PinkiePie12345 - Veteran

UnknownProdigy - Ally