Fillies and gentle colts, ladies and gentlemen! Here's your host The Bunkeeeeeeer GUY!

Hello! Hello! Hey, how we all doing eh? Did ya miss me?


Fine I didn't miss you either. So, don't you guys just love those little easter eggs or mysteries that the Dev team puts into video games? Whether it be that radio transmission in DayZ or upside-down animals in Minecraft you just gotta love the creativity and sometimes creepiness in games! So, in the comment section beeeeeelow put in your favorite video game myths, easter eggs, and moments!

Personally I always loved the idea of having Herobrine in Minecraft. It would defiantly be creepy and cool if he were in. I also like the photography side quest in Endless Ocean: Blue World where it hints at Oceana's father being alive. definatly makes it feel endless. Get it? huh? huh?

-more crickets-

ok then...

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