I have a question for you all, what species is your OC and why did you choose that species? From a gamer and role-player's point of view this is what I see in each species and what combat role best suits them. What did you see in the species you choose which swayed you to choose it?

Pegasi - A ranged or rogue-like class best suits a pegasus since they are fast. Since they have control with weather they could also make good spellswords. I believe they make good offensive and defensive roles.

Unicorns - No brainer here. Unicorns would be exceptional mages and healers and possibly spellswords. As such they make good support roles.

Earth Ponies - Warriors, Tanks, and Beserker type classes fit these guys perfectly because of their incredible strength. They could also make good scouts since they are more down to earth and know the environment better. I believe they are best in an offensive or defensive role.

Griffons - A combination of Pegasi and Earth Ponies. So light armor and hard hitting weapons would best fit this species. Offense would be their role in battle.

Changeling - Rogue-like or Assassin. Since they rely on deception I doubt they'd make good soldiers, but they can make exceptionally good spies and scouts. Support would best suit them.

Dragon - The Berserk class would best fit these guys since they have a strong hide and a brash temperment.

I choose a pegasi because I like fast classes and I love elemental magic. I also like the idea of flying since it gives one the sense of freedom. 

Well that's it for me, sorry if this revolves around combat more then other stuff but I wanna be a video game designer and observing different species can help see what role would best suit them. So, what's your OC species and why did you choose it?