It's been awhile huh? So, anyway do you have any particular guilty pleasure in any video game? Like a pet name you've given to some character or some goofy or dark thing you like to do when fighting dem baddies?

I for one have been playing inFAMOUS a lot lately and I've been doing the Good Karma path. Because of this pedestrians will throw rocks at enemies. So, one of my guilty pleasures is calling them the Pedestrian Pebble Army. And man do they have good arms O_O.

Another goofier one is when ever I'm up high and there is an enemy beneath me, I like to activate the Gigawatt Blades, jump down behind them, and go "I'm Batman!" as I one-hit kill them.

I also have a tendency to heal every freaken person I see no matter what I'm doing...

So what are your video game guilty pleasures? (:P)

The Bunker Guy signing out!