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Zeth Darkstar was born on Earth as a Homo Morpheus, or Shapeshifter, who spent most of his early childhood training under an organization known simply as the Blue Phoenix. He has also trained under notorious bounty hunters and mercenaries to further hone his skills. He arrived in Equestria, alongside a companion, to investigate a disturbance call. After exposing a dangerous cult, alongside the Elements of Harmony, Zeth reestablished a l base for the Blue Phoenix and continued to eliminate any threats that endangered the peaceful life of the ponies as well as discover more about his family. He has four main companions that he travels with: A survivor of the zombie outbreak in Chernarus (DayZ) named Adam, the Conduit Cole MacGrath (brought back to life via a crazy German Medic and a car battery), a Hylian named Link (LoZ:Twilight Princess), and Aggro the Argonian Dragonborn. 

Powers and Gear

Being a Shapeshifter grants Zeth any animal or creature ability such as regeneration, water breathing, flight, etc. so long as he knows the animal or creature. He has an immunity to all poisons except three which can kill or incapacitate him. He also has limited use of the Th'uum or Dragon tounge. He also possess two swords which hold the souls of two powerful heros. One Grants Zeth the power over Light and the other grants him power over shadow. He possess two plasma pistol which he uses for long ranged combat. For close quarters he uses blades which sprout from either arm and curve over his hands.


Zeth's greatest weakness is his own mind as with all of his powers and training he believes himself to be invincible. As such he has become overconfident and a bit cocky. Another weakness is his sanity. Though he had been trained to kill unfeelingly it's only through the honesty of his friends that he heard how cold hearted he really can be... and how his thirst for revenge can sometimes overtake him.


  • His cutie mark happens to be his family crest
  • His biggest weakness is his overconfidence. (Much like his creator.) :P

I must admit that many of Zeth's weaknesses are my own. Though I don't think myself invincible, I do tend to do things without thinking and I've had some very dark and hateful thoughts  when it comes to the evils happening in he world... Also each of his friends resembles something that I wish to imitate.

Link's courage is something I envy. I wish I could say I'm fearless but I'm not. It's hard to do what's right these days with how twisted the worlds become...

I've always thought that the survivors of DayZ or any disaster really, showed Perseverance the best. being able to continue on when the world itself has gone to Hell. Perseverance has always been something I struggled with as I'm kinda lazy and quick to give up especially with my school work.

I've always thought of (Good) Cole as a guy who seeks justice. He admits his faults (such as causing the plague) and does whatever it takes to set things right even at the cost of his own life. It's hard to find people like that now in days.

When comes to Aggro, or the Dragonborn specifically, it's really up to the players imagination on how they interpret him. Is he a cold blooded Assassin? A greedy thief? Or an honorable warrior? Which ever you choose I always come to the conclusion that the Dragonborn resembles compassion... I mean do you know anyone else who would walk into a city and start doing stuff for pretty much everyone? He stops to pick freaken daises, catch butterflies, and rip hearts out of Dremora for people. He kills Dragons and Bandits to make the roads safer and he takes the time to play with kids. Name one other assassin the stop what he's doing to play hide and seek with a bunch of 10 year olds.

(Hey I should try that sometime... If their as dumb as the Falmer, I could be in the middle of the street and they'll never find me!)

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