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    Admin note

    Based on what I've heard from some others and my own observations, this blog is starting to be an inconvenience to those who want to monitor all edits on the recent changes. As a result I've disabled commenting here. I do apologise for this - but please keep in mind that this is an informational database with articles that need to be kept in top condition. It's not easy to do that when most of the recent changes is filled with roleplaying comments.

    I figured I might as well explain why the decision was made because I do appreciate that all of you have worked hard on this and I don't want this to be taken as an act of disrespect. I care about the effort that was put into this - it's simply getting too out of hand. If anyone has any…

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    Ask Again

    May 3, 2014 by The Candlekeeper

    So I says to me, "Hey, guv, why don't ya make yerself 'nother one a dose ask blogs, dey're real hot dese days 'gain!" But then I replied, "Well, dear sir, I already made one a few months ago, that should be enough." But then I says, "Ah, nutters, you're neva fun! Hey, wait a sec, what's dat right dere?"

    Then I turned to look, but I clocked me in the face! With myself stunned, me figured it'd be fun to post another one, but in memory of myself and their tragic bludgeoning, I promised not to make one until one hasn't been for a day. And guess how long it's been since one's been made?

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    Although this idea is not mine; instead it is Power's; Power took down her original blog after an certain irascible user (no offense intended) blew off lots of steam about it. But here is my own renditioning of it;

    First, take the month;

    January; You and X are hired as bounty hunters to take down Y.

    Februrary: You and X become partners in crime but Y arrests you.

    March: You got kidnapped by X, Y has to save you!

    April: (I got the idea for this one from misreading another birthday game) X breaks your neck and Y helps them.

    May: Trapped on a desert island with X and Y.

    June: Get transported into your favourite game with X and Y.

    July: You and X have a dance-off with Y as judge.

    August: You and X play chess, but Y tackles the board.

    September: You and …

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    April 2, 2014 by The Candlekeeper

    For many times the past month I've thought about the day I would leave the wiki; soon, it seemed, since real life kept taking more and more time. First, I cut off chat; that was a big step, one I regret but was necessary. Next, I went on the wiki only one hour each day. I'm not sure which of the two restrictions was worse. But now I am departing completely.

    If you think this is a prank, consider; it is April 2nd, 00:14 at the time of writing this. I choose now because I wanted to go out with a laugh; plus, the prank blogs gave me good words to use for a departure. It is only with regrets I leave you all, but it is necessary for my personal life. I'm not sure if or when I'll return, but I hope I do return.

    Amelia, Power, Swirlix, UglyTurtle, …

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    Question Passing

    February 19, 2014 by The Candlekeeper

    I sat in my chair, drumming my fingers. Ask blogs were popular. Interaction is popular. How can I maximize their union to create an even more fun game? I mused. And then, that day, 23 days ago, my brain birthed an idea; a possibly fun, simple, little idea. I forgot to write it down, however, so it was lost for the greater part of a month. But I've now remembered it; the Question Passing game!

    It's quite an easy concept; each person answers the question of the person before them, then asks a new question. Simple, clean, and goodly fun, I hope, so shall we?

    Of course, no little game would be complete without a little example;

    Ashley: Where is a country you've always wanted to visit?
    Bobby: Italy. What is your favourite food?
    Carrie: Pasta. What is …
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