Although this idea is not mine; instead it is Power's; Power took down her original blog after an certain irascible user (no offense intended) blew off lots of steam about it. But here is my own renditioning of it;

First, take the month;

January; You and X are hired as bounty hunters to take down Y.

Februrary: You and X become partners in crime but Y arrests you.

March: You got kidnapped by X, Y has to save you!

April: (I got the idea for this one from misreading another birthday game) X breaks your neck and Y helps them.

May: Trapped on a desert island with X and Y.

June: Get transported into your favourite game with X and Y.

July: You and X have a dance-off with Y as judge.

August: You and X play chess, but Y tackles the board.

September: You and X go to a party hosted by Y.

October: You and X go on an adventure, Y is the main villain.

November: You marry X, and Y is one of yours best man/woman.

December: You, X, and Y play Mario Party. Things are never the same again...

Next, take your birthday's date for X;

1. Guildmaster Grovyle 2. Ms. Black Ops 3. Jonny Manz 4. Rallinalle 5. Pony and meatball sub 6. AppleJon 7. Morning Glory of Dashite 8. Otherside86 9. Amelia the Writer 10. Pucho 11. FlameStar 12. ImperfectXIII 13. TimelessPeople 14. Meester Tweester 15. Nuka-Social 16. KoolPrincesslunakaLunie 17. EHAN 18. Temmington 19. Appleboy 20. Bluelighting 21. Dashdot 22. StephOfTheEast 23. The Toxic 24. Pinklady 25. James the Bunny 26. UnknownProdigy 27. UglyTurtle 28. Seaswirl10 29. Powerstar 30. WiIlow 31. ShadowPirateX

Last, you take your favourite colour. Either take the number on this list that corresponds to it;

Red: 1

Green: 2

Blue: 4

Black: 7

White: 12

or, if it is none of those five, add up the numbers of the two that best describe your colour. (Grey is 19, for example, and purple is 5.) Find Y bt finding the corresponding number;

1: 343TheGuiltProphet 2:Callofduty4 3:The Bunker Guy 4: (7)6(Four) 5: PrinceDoopliss (because I, for the life of me, cannot remember the number combination at the end of his new username) 6:The Fennec Fox 7: Spike the Dragon 8: SublimePie 9: Filly Please 11: Steph physarum 12: Moonshine Stars 13: Prince Silversaddle 14: Santamew 16: Haedman 19: Jorge Esquivel

If either person you get is one you don't know, you can take an "adjacient" one if you so wish. This was generated by me banging my head against a wall until a buncha user names popped out; with random generation, I determined everybody's position, so it's a completely random! (smile2)

I, myself, got... Vampy (ImperfectXIII) and I are bounty hunters hired to take out Marshie. (343TheGuiltyProphet) (cool)