For many times the past month I've thought about the day I would leave the wiki; soon, it seemed, since real life kept taking more and more time. First, I cut off chat; that was a big step, one I regret but was necessary. Next, I went on the wiki only one hour each day. I'm not sure which of the two restrictions was worse. But now I am departing completely.

If you think this is a prank, consider; it is April 2nd, 00:14 at the time of writing this. I choose now because I wanted to go out with a laugh; plus, the prank blogs gave me good words to use for a departure. It is only with regrets I leave you all, but it is necessary for my personal life. I'm not sure if or when I'll return, but I hope I do return.

Amelia, Power, Swirlix, UglyTurtle, Klepto, thank you five (and sorry if there were other main participants of The Alphabet Game, I've a very bad memory) for making my last weeks here absolutely funtastic.

Sorry to all my wiki-proper friends for not having interacted much as of late, due to the one hour a day thing. I've missed commenting with every one of you.

And finally, sorry to my chat friends for not being there for all of March. On the plus side, I haven't noticed anyone thinking about me, which must mean I'm unmissed, which must mean there'll be no regrets but some sentimentality about my departure. (yay)

But most of all, sorry to everyone for not being as good a person I could've been all these days; many a time I've done a thing that has upset people, and I so very deeply regret that.

My final regret is that some people may get unhappy reading the above paragraphs, since it's still april's fool's day where I live, so they've just been april fooled. Mighty sorry about that inconvenience, but I hope you can get a good laugh out of it. I'm also sorry to any people who dislike me, because, as my previous sentences indicated, this really is an april fool's prank, and I'm not really leaving.