Hey, everyone, the old blog of Hurt/Heal is gone now, so you're probably wondering, "What's this clown doing?" Well, I'm bringing back the Hurt/Heal, and I'm picking up the progress from Pixel's blog, no fancy dressings or anything! So get ready to once again vote, fight, plot, and heal, because Hurt/Heal's back in business! Remember, you can twice hurt or twice heal a single pony, or hurt one and heal another! You can vote again when your previous vote says it's one day old, and that includes you voting from Pixel's blog to here! And remember, no editing votes more than five minutes old! Now get ready to Hurt, heal, FIGHT!


I update the blog each day around 21:00 UTC, (no guarantee, though) and then irregularly for a few hours after that. The asterixes denote changes from when I'd stop updating the previous day and start updating the current day, as well as those that are changed throughout my updating. They're good to help keep track of who's getting altered.

Double Note:

Gaps in previous records and the logs have been found, and have recently been amended. If you see any big changes even though nobody's done anything, well, now you know.

Triple Note:

All votes will be counted up about 21:00 UTC, so please do not make "count this X hours later" votes unless they'd count up to by 20:00 UTC. In addition, votes that are made in comment-comments will likely go unnoticed.

Quadruple Note:

In light of recent events, ONLY votes that are comments on the blog proper, not comment-comments, will be counted.


Each pony's health is capped at 50.


New Templates made by the Pony Voting blogster Meester Tweester are here!

{{Hurt|Target}} To double hurt.

{{Heal|Target}} To double heal.

{{HurtHeal|Target1|Target2}} To hurt and heal!

If you use those templates, you may once again vote in comment comments!

Note from an admin

This game has become a lot bigger than people probably thought it would when it started, with various factions vying for control over this so-called 'war'. I personally have no problem with it, and right now, it's not doing anything wrong. BUT. Should people take things with this war too far, for whatever reason, and it becomes detrimental to the wiki, then action will need to be taken.

You don't want this game to be ended by an admin, and I don't want to have to be the guy who takes it away from you. So please, to all of you involved with the various factions or not, mind how you go. If you let things spiral out of control, you'll be the ones paying the price.

Enjoy yourselves, and go about your game.

--Kinrah (talk) 20:54, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Alive and kicking!

  • Fluttershy - 50*
  • Rainbow Dash - 50*
  • Princess Celestia - 42*
  • Discord - 18*
  • Queen Chrysalis - 47*

Down for the count!

This fella's down for the count! Looks like being part of the royal guard can't protect you, after all!

  • Flash Sentry

This duo is also down! Maybe being villains' suck-up "lackies" doesn't work out in the end after all!

  • Snips and Snails

It's curtains for this mare! Looks like it's back to the rock farm for her!

  • Trixie

To pretty much nobody's surprise, Sunset Shimmer's down, too!

  • Sunset Shimmer

And being named Candy can't save you either, because here goes...

  • Bon Bon

She may be the mascot of the wiki, but looks like a mass attack can still take down even popular ponies!

  • Derpy 'the Muffin' Hooves

These two actually lasted longer than expected.

  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

All day long a battle raged, but in the end, the princesses' combined efforts defeated...

  • Twilight Sparkle

And the overlord of the Crystal Ponies is de-wait a minute, wasn't he already killed?

  • King Sombra

Nobody healed this one, but many sure did attack her, so this particular pony is also down!

  • Lyra Heartstrings

Whether or not he's THE Doctor, this stallion's also down!

  • Dr. Hooves

And, just going to show that nopony can escape a sudden, unstopped attack, this benevolent teacher is also down!

  • Cheerilee

And Bebebeefef is also down, such a shame!

  • Shining Armor

The snuggy-wuggy, cutie-patootie, lovey-dovey hunny-bunny is down, too!

  • Big McIntosh

And Princess Mi Amore Candenza is down, too!

  • Princess Cadence

If you told me when this began that she wouldn't have gotten to the final eight, I would have laughed, but here she is!

  • Princess Luna

Some could see this coming when the fight started, but some didn't. Among those who couldn't see this defeat coming is...

  • Snowdrop

Their quest to find out who they are is over... unless they're Cutie Mark Crusader zombies!

  • Cutie Mark Crusaders

And this refined pony from Canterlot is down, too, and it looks like another musician may soon follow suit!

  • Octavia

The second musician has followed suit!

  • Vinyl Scratch

No art, dress, nor THE art of the dress could prevent this pretty pony from falling!

  • Rarity

This pink partying pony, Pinkie Pie, is down. Many may find that this, ironically, calls for a party.

  • Pinkie Pie

Honestly, this honesty element was honestly doomed when she drew an honest amount of attention.

  • Applejack


Moved to here.

Also, put any comments regarding the factions at the bottom of that page.

Idea Box

Any ideas on how to make this game better, or want to show your support or opposal of ideas? If so, vote here!

The End

Thank you to everybody who participated, from factioneers to individuals to those a mix in-between, without all you, this game would've been impossible to exist!  Special thanks to Meester Tweester, fellow entertainer, for those nice little rankings with comments, as well as that one "interview" thingy at one point! I simply cannot express my gratitude to you all, especially since I'm not very good at writing this type of thing, but thank you SO MUCH, everybody! :D