I sat in my chair, drumming my fingers. Ask blogs were popular. Interaction is popular. How can I maximize their union to create an even more fun game? I mused. And then, that day, 23 days ago, my brain birthed an idea; a possibly fun, simple, little idea. I forgot to write it down, however, so it was lost for the greater part of a month. But I've now remembered it; the Question Passing game! (huzzah)

It's quite an easy concept; each person answers the question of the person before them, then asks a new question. Simple, clean, and goodly fun, I hope, so shall we? (:D)

Of course, no little game would be complete without a little example;

Ashley: Where is a country you've always wanted to visit?
Bobby: Italy. What is your favourite food?
Carrie: Pasta. What is your favourite structure?
Daryll: The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Why are our names in alphabetical order?
Eugene: Because this is an example. What is your favourite game?

...and so on.

Of course, I'll begin. What is your favourite genre of music?