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    Heya, this blog is made for posting my scores onto here, the tables will be up shortly.

    Season 1 Scores
    Name Story Entertainment Score Description
    Friendship is Magic P1 4 4 4 Good setup for the characters we will know later on in the show
    Friendship Is Magic P2 2 3 3 Bad second part, but nice ending.
    The Ticket Master 3 4 3.5 Meh, nothing much to say here
    Applebuck Season 4 5 5 Applejack is having some catoonish moments, yay.
    Griffon The Brush Off 5 4 4.5 Underrated.
    Boast Busters 2 1 1 Thankfully, it at least did something.
    Dragonshy 5 4 4 I respect this more than i enjoy it.
    Look Before You Sleep 3 4 4 Not so interesting, but still heartwarming.
    Bridle Gossip 2 4 4 This episode lacks originality, but i love it.
    Swarm Of The Century 4 4 4 Hello M.A …

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  • The Fennec Fox

    Spike: Finally! I made an ask blog for myself. But i had to bring the pets with me Twilight said. Anyway, welcome to my ask blog, here you can ask me an-

    Gummy: *nibbles on the side of the screen*

    Spike: Ugh. Gummy, lemme finish. Anyway, here you can as-

    Opal: *starts pawing at the laptop*

    Spike: Stop it! As i was say-

    Angel: *hops on the keyboard, trying to catch Winona who has his carrot*

    Spike: Goddammit! Sit down! *He said as he places all the pets near Owlicious*

    Spike: As I WAS SAYING, you can ask me anything here! Ask away!

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  • The Fennec Fox

    Pinkie: Hiya everypony! Me and my bestie, Fluttershy, decided for you to ask us anything! Got anything to say, FLuters?

    Fluttershy: Oh, no no. Ill just wait for the questions.

    Pinkie: Okie dokie lokie, lets start!

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    Hiya! Fennub here!

    So, ive been once thinking how can a certain MLP episode could be worse, and then i suddenly thought of the brillliant idea to turn it into a game! However, i didnt write it up due to being lazy and the urge kept coming to me. So here it is!

    How to play? Easy! Describe how an episode could be worse from the person down below you, and you must give another episode for the top player to describe. Example:

    Angelica Pickles: (insert description here), Green Isnt Your Color!

    Sedusa: (Insert description here), Its About Time!

    Anyway, any questions go to me whenever i go to chat. Okie, everything set, lets go!

    Oh right, ill give the first user the episode of Hurricane Fluttershy

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    Welcome! I thought of sharing my thoughts with all of you on what i think are the best songs of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Lets start with the unoffical number 11

    I personally like this more than the one aired. It has an upbeat tune, fantastic lyrics that really go with the instrumental and fantastic singing by Shanon. However, this one gets on so low is because it is not the one that is released in the episode sadly. So i must keep it as the honorable mention number.

    Please do note that reprises will appear alot in this list.

    Heh, and people say that Rarity doesnt deserve the element of Generosity. This reprise is on the same level as its original song. However, i prefer this reprise. Rarity clearly shows her stress of her friends t…

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