AKA, the episode where Fluttershy becomes a much better Snowhite

This was a very entertaining episode. It showed a believeable Fluttershy, a fantastic moral and a great opening song! It also keeps the goodness running through the whole episode if you get what i mean. And yes, i do find Pinkie Pie to be believable in this episode. 

Well, remember that Fluttershy did the same thing Pinkie did to her twice, One to Pinkie and Rarity in Putting Your Hoof Down and one to Rainbow in Sonic Rainboom. And both of those times she got back what she did, one from Rarity in Hearths Warming Eve and one from Pinkie in this episode. Besides, i still do believe Pinkie has still some steam going on with Fluttershy, as she was more aggresive to her after Putting Your Hoof Down yet still caring for her. And the opening song is just so heartwarming to the ear, at least better than that princess that shall never ever be mentioned. The humor was mostly hit, as i found myself laughing at Pinkie and Applejack.

However, i do dislike how much they repeat Find The Music,  Once it was wonderful, twice i shrugged it off but third time i didnt like it at all. But the reprise is fine by me. Maybe i expected more songs from them than just repeating the same old one, especially at the adorable filly's birthday where they could've made a variation of Happy Birthday.

Overall, i liked this episode alot, the only thing that sets me back is the annoyance at the songs but all the other things i loved. This is my first overview of an episode and see ya next time!

Score: 8.5/10