We all remember by now, the coronation of our dearest Twilight Sparkle, the moment she thought she passed, the day all of our dearest ponies were celebrating of the cornation of, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Unfortantly, Twilight Sparkle had to learn that becoming a princess is not that easy by the hard way while Celestia showed her dark side. Celestia took away Twilight to train princesshood after the coranation, teleporting her freinds away to Ponyville. Even though Twilight pleaded and Cried to Celestia to go back to Ponyville:

"Please Pincess Celestia, i miss my freinds! I cant just leave them like his! Discord even admitted that freindship was magic!" Said Twilight while her her face was covered by tears and fear.

"You are not ready to become a princess yet young princess! ill send you to Ponyville after the training, Is that clear?"Said Celestia with the royal Canterlot voice angrily

Twilight was shocked to see Celestia behaving like this to her. she was wondering:

"Does she even like me anymore?"

After 11 months of training. Celestia set Twilight finally free. Twilight launched into the sky and started to head to ponyville with a bright smile

To Be Contunied