Twilight was free from Celestia's hoof,  she felt the air and imagined how will it be when she reached there. She imagined hugging her freinds with liquid pride covering her face.......


"HEY! watch were you're going!"

Twlight rubbed her eyes and opened them, only to see a familiar pony in front of her, seeing a pony with a light yellow coat and light pink mane and tail. Only for her to speak again:

"Twilight Sparkle, is that you?"


"Ive been waiting for over 6 months Twilight, OVER SIX MONTHS!" Shouted Fluttershy " But enough of that, shall we go to Ponyvile you  princess?"

" Yes we shall go to Ponyville."

Twilight headed to Ponyville with Fluttershy, she could've sworn she saw red in Fluttershy's eyes. And why was Fluttershy cruel, wasnt she kindness? She wondered alot of things of Fluttershy n the way.