After a couple of silly but cruel arguments with Fluttershy,They finally reached Ponyville,  while a similar orange pony waiting for us. Fluttershy shouted:

" Hey apple imbecile! Look who finally came!"

Twilight looked around Ponyville before greeting her. It wasnt the same, all the people are frowning, all the houses are broken, Twilight headed to greet the orange pony:

"Hi Applejack! Its so nice to see you after all of this training."

"Trainin? i aint rememberin any trainin !"

"Applejack, you were right there crying when I went with Celestia."

"Ah dont remember anythin about that."

"Well could you explian to me what happened with Ponyville?"

"Ponyville didn change anythin, now lets go to da healthy Sweet Apple Acres."

They walked to Sweet Apple Acres, but Twilight was kind of confused. How could this happen to Ponyville, Its like the most best place to live with such great ponies. No offence other cities.

"We are finally here!" Said Applejack

Twilight lifted her head up to the farm, but all she saw were broken barns, dead trees and sand.

"Applejack, is this really Sweet Apple Acres?"