"Everythin is certainly fine Twilight, the sand is perfect." Said Applejack

"Yeah bookworm, its non of your buisness." Said Fluttershy "Im going away from you losers, I have some other buisness than being with you"

Fluttershy flew dashing away from the deserted Sweet Apple Acres. Weird, she was a slow flier. Suddenly, a dashing pony ran right past them and stole some things. She was awfully dirty, but her colour scheme was familiar. She had a purple but messy  mane and tail while her coat was white, and her cutie mark was...... Daimonds?  Twilight was suprised to see this pony like this, with all the dirt and the mess. Twilight ran to her and said:

"Is that you Rarity?"

"Oh Twilight, you are finally back darling" replied Rarity "What a buetiful crown you got there, i simply must have it for myself!"

Rarity snatched Twilight's crown and ran as fast as her hooves can carry her. Luckily  Celestia's flying lessons might come in use now. Twilight chased Rarity through Ponyville leaving Applejack. Just as GTwilight was almost5 going to reach Rarity, a piano fell right down at her.

"DERPY!" Shouted Twilight

"I just dont know what went wrong." Replied Derpy as she flew away.

Twilight looked around, but Rarity was nowhere to be found. But, Twilight flew to Caruosel Botique, guessing she was there.

After she reached, she knocked on the door and shouted:

" Rarity! give me back my crown or else i will break this door!"

"Forget it darling,  your damned crown is mine now and its my property. Now shoo please, i dont want ponies like you touching my stuff!" Replied Rarity

Twilight felt the anger inside her, she took a position to break the door and recieve her crown........