After a talk with Princess Luna, Celestia headed to her room. After getting in, making sure the door was locked, her mane turned to flame and started to burn some of her furniture. She headed to her mirror and pressed a button, only to reveal Fluttershy's face on the mirror. Celestia said:

"Well hello there minion, how is Ponyville?"

"As usaul, Twilight came to us."  Said Fluttershy with bored face

"That little imbecile care more about her freinds than anything! Good thing we have our things set!"

"We do, she went to that idiotic liar and i think she is going to that messy old haired pony."

"Just as planned, let her go to Rainbow Crash then Pinkie Cry instead. Is that clear? "

"Yes Princess Celestia." Saod Fluttershy with an evil grin

"Please, call me, Solar Flame."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, which intureppted Solar Flame's and Fluttershy's talk. Solar Flame quickly changed her mane to look like her un-possessed form. She opened the door, only to find her own sister standing there.

"Hello sister, i heard some sounds from your room, is everything alright?" Said a confused Luna

"Yes sister, you shouldn't interupt me like that when i am busy!"

'Sorry. Anyways, im going to Las Pegasus to have what you call 'fun' there, can I?"

"Yes sister, you may go, have fun!"

"Thank you sister."

Luna went away from Celestia's room and went outside and flew to Las Pegasus. Celestia watched her and sang:

  This day is going to be perfect,

 The day hat i was wishing since when I was small,

 Everypony will gather around, saying I am as normal as ever,

 What they don't know is that I have fooled them ALL